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Institutional Locksmiths' Association
PO Box 9560
Naperville, IL 60567-0560


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The Institutional Locksmiths' Association is
a Nonprofit Association
ILA is a 501(C)(6) corporation

About the ILA and Who we Are

Start soon asking for the time off to attend:

The Conference brochure for 2016 is coming soon!
Brochure will be available Here

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NEW Member Benefit!
ILA Members now get a discount on Clearstar Security Network.
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Executive Minutes are now public!
On Jan 10, 2016 the Executive Board voted to move the
meeting minutes from the password protected
executive-only section to the public portion of the website.

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About YOUR Dues!

On October 09, 2014 the Executive Board announced the first raise in dues since Chapters were formed in 1987, four years after the birth of the ILA. Dues were to be raised from $50 annually to $100 annually, which is still about a third of competing organization fees.

However, they opened it up to discussion at the Membership meeting. A proposal was made from the floor to encourage the Board to instead raise it by $10 a year for five years, capping it then at the $100.

The Board expressed some concerns that this might feel as if they were constantly raising rates, but agreed to do so, to give people a chance to adjust their budget in these often trying times.

Therefore your dues will be:
2015 $60
2016 $70
2017 $80
2018 $90
2019 $100
2020 and Beyond $100

Who We Are

We are locksmiths, carpenters, and building engineers employed by and/or working for colleges, universities, hospitals, companies, institutions and government facilities involved in the installation, servicing, maintenance, specifying and/or recommending of of mechanical, electromechanical or electronic security and life safety hardware.

Why the Institutional Locksmiths' Association?

Institutional locksmiths found themselves with problems but nowhere to turn for help. We needed a forum to be able to discuss problems which occur in the institutional environment, such as:

* Help with key control and master keying issues
* Help with technical information
* Help locating parts, supplies, key codes, etc.
* Help communicating internal needs to their institution.
* Help with electronic or access control issues.

Benefits to Institutions

We are dedicated to increasing our professionalism for the benefit of our institutions through....

* Education
* Communication
* Cooperation
* Certification

Our Corporate and Associate Members include factory representatives and distributors of locksmith and security supplies. These contacts are invaluable to your institution by offering to members of the ILA:

* Free or low-cost training
* Products updates
* New product reviews

Benefits to the Industry

The ILA acts as a liaison between Institutional Locksmiths and Mainstream Locksmiths through cooperative efforts with Industry Associations, as well as helping our members to better assist external providers to do their work more professionally. We welcome those mainstream Locksmiths who have a strong interest in the care and handling of an Institution's security hardware relatedneeds. The ILA offers low cost training on Institutional hardware at their National Education Conference. Additionally, each member represents thousands of doors, giving us a strong voice in the industry, which can benefit all Locksmiths.

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