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Institutional Locksmiths' Association
P.O. Box 84
Butler, WI - 53007


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The Institutional Locksmiths' Association is
a Nonprofit Association
ILA is a 501(C)(6) corporation

About the ILA and Who we Are

Special Membership Classifications

Charter Members: are members who signed the original charter for the organization and were granted life membership out of respect. Of the original 13 only a handful are still active and they are worthy of every honor the industry and our group can bestow on them.

Life Members: are Regular Members who have retired from the lock industry, but may work part time, and has been a member for ten (10) or more years and has contributed to the national association and/or chapter by providing education, serving on the board, providing mentorship or served on a committee at either a national or chapter level. The Executive Board votes on granting this level to those special people who meet this qualification.

Honorary Members: are special individuals who may not meet the requirements for regular membership or who may choose not to pursue it, but who have made such a high level of contribution to the industry and this Association that their membership is of high value to the Association. The President, with approval from the Executive board, may grant this level to those special individuals in appreciation.

Special Thanks to our Active Charter Members:
Jim Campbell
Peter G. Femino, Jr.
James G. Harper
Jimmie E. Larson
Stephen McKinney
And to our Life Members:
Vernon A. Bradham
Peter Dinschel.
Tom J. Gillespie
Robert C. Gress
Robert Grimley
James G. Harper
Thomas H. Hojnacki
Thomas W. Kirk, Jr
Victor Lewis
James L. Lindquist
Morris Lounsberry
Raymond D. Monroe
Donald OShall
William Palmer
Gene Simon
Laurence Simon
Philip A Rovenolt
And thanks to our Honorary Members:
Marty Arnold
Robert A. Labbe
Mary Kay Hamilton

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