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Institutional Locksmith Certification Program

Online testing is available. There are some limitations.
Before the required access will be set up, the test must
be paid for.

This means there must be sufficient time between the test
request and the actual test date. Two weeks is generally
sufficient. It is YOUR responsibility to confirm the testing
date and be available at the specified date and time. While
there is a slight leeway given to accommodate slight clock
errors, the test is treated much like a physical testing site.
You must be there when the test starts, and must complete
the tests in the time allotted.

A $25 rescheduling fee will be charged if the date and time
are not met.

The testing guidelines are available at:
and there are also links on that page to related information.

The ONLINE test has its own application form, to be filled
out for each person.

The form is available at:

The form will ask you to set the time and date for the test.
Each test requires a commitment of up to four hours, and
must be set for a date at least two weeks AFTER
sending in the testing request and payment.

Once payment has cleared, the test schedule will
appear on the ilanational website. Your test schedule will
be located at the URL: 

in a document with your first and last names as they appear
on the test request form, in small letters (no capitalization)
with no separation between first and last name, followed by:

So for example, if you were John Smith, the filename
would be johnsmith.htm and the URL would be: 

You should check a few days in advance of the testing
date to be certain it has appeared,even though the links
on the page will not be available until the actual testing
date and time.

If the file has NOT appeared at least three days prior
to the testing date, send an email to:

Although 4 hours is required for the test in full, various
parts will have other limitations.

The CIL test is 250 questions and takes up to the full four
hours. But the testing for CJIL features 103 questions in the
mandatory plus six electives you choose. So for the CJIL
testing you will have 1 hour and 26 minutes to complete the
mandatory section and, depending on the exact electives
chosen, 21 to 30 minutes per elective.

Once you begin a testing section, each section's time limit
applies. But altogether, the total time for the electives and
the mandatory cannot exced the four hours total.

Similarly, the CMIL consists of up to twelve electives. For
each elective, there will be a time limit, depending on how
many questions are in the elective, of 21 to 30 minutes. But
for all twelve, there is a maximum availability of four hours.

It is YOUR responsibility to be certain you take ALL the tests
in the allotted time.

Online testing is on the honor system. Truthfully, all testing
is. Even in proctored events cheating is possible if you are
permitted bathroom breaks. But let's face it. If you have to
cheat to pass, you are proving you are NOT qualified, so
why take the test? If you can be trusted with the care of
students or patients by being an Institutional Locksmith,
you should be capable of being trusted with taking a test
with dignity and honor.

You are NOT permitted to use outside reference materials
during the test or to accept advice from others during it.
If it later surfaces that you violated this, your certification
can be withdrawn pending a Board hearing. The ONLY
materials approved for use during the test are a scratch pad
or scratch paper or a calculator.

You can now pay by credit card
Click here for credit card form

Program Information and Exam Instructions (PDF):

For Instuctions (PDF) on filling out the Test Registration Form
for CJIL applicants:
Click HERE

Any questions should be e-mailed to:

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