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President’s Notepad for May 2015

Kevin T. Piper CIL, CMKA
ILA National President

Hard to believe that we are almost half way thru 2015

So far this year the trade shows have had very strong attendance. I have also seen great support from the manufacturers. It sure is nice that the Locksmith trade is being sought out to be a sounding board for the industry once again.

I have also been very impressed with the educational opportunities being offered at the trade shows that are dedicated to the Institutional Locksmith.

The National Educational Conference is beginning to take shape. We can still use your help & input to make this a great conference. Please contact any board member to help pitch in.

Please make plans to attend the National Educational Conference this Year October 7 thru the 11, 2015 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The role of the Institutional Locksmith seems to be moving in two directions. The first one is that of key & access control which is sometimes falling under the Security or IT Department. The second is that of the total opening mechanic. I feel as an organization that we need to make sure that we service both of these locksmith positions.

The Institutional Locksmiths’ Association was formed to service the Locksmith in the Institution when no one else was there for us. Many are still alone because they are not aware of all we have to offer. Please reach out to our brothers and sisters and bring them aboard the ILA band wagon.

The President’s challenge remains the same as the first day I took Office. I want every member to bring one new person to a meeting. I truly believe that once they see what we are about that they will want to be a member. This will double our membership and help to strengthen our industry.

The chapters are reporting back and telling me that attendance at the meetings is up. Let's keep it growing!

The number of new members is also up across all the chapters.

The online testing is working out very well. We have many members upgrading their certifications. One member was able to achieve his CMIL thru the online testing, and expressed his appreciation in saving thousands of dollars in travel and hotel expenses.

The Master Keying certification for the Apprentice designation is now available online with the Journeyman & Master tests coming soon.

The Fire door inspector & Institutional Hardware consultant test will be available by the end of this Year.

Finally please check out the website for Job postings. There have been several Locksmith Positions posted already this year. It seems that this year will be a very good year for the Locksmith.

Please feel free to contact me Thank You

Kevin T. Piper
708 289 1023

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