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Institutional Locksmiths' Association

Chapter News

News from the chapters about upcoming
classes, meetings, social gatherings, etc.

Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley Chapter has a new President: Jeff Seymour.
The chapter is looking to expand free and low cost education
and has several offerings from Allegion and others on the horizon.
Glenn LeSeuer recently did an amazing presentation
at the regularly scheduled Wednesday night meeting.

Dues notices are going out and membership cards are being prepared.

This is back to being done at the chapter level
at the suggestion of the membership.

The LVC is also handling all the affairs for the Delaware Valley Chapter (DVC)
as well as for of those with dual membership of the ILA and NYAIL.
(New York Association of Inhouse Locksmiths)

Lehigh Valley Chapter 11/19/2015 report

A moment of silence held for the people of France

Treasurer's report: Currently very solid financially atthe Chapter level.

Reading of the last meetings minutes were forgone.

Introductions: Each person introduced himself and his place of employment.

Chapter President's Report:

President Jeff Seymour stated:

ILANational.Org - Masterkeying levels 1 and 2 are now up and running;
Hardware Consultant is also live and running. Fire Code test going live soon.
The Chapter policy is that Certifications for testing are only good for active members.
This is to prevent people from joining only to receive certs, then leaving
Plenty of free information on the website, and members are encouraged
to check it out. Info includes such things as fire codes, IBC, electric code, other code books,

Members get 10%-25% discount when buying books through the organization.
ILA logo shirts and hats are in stock at the national level.

Delaware Valley Liaison Report:

Representative Jim Butman stated:

North Carolina National Education conference was well attended.

Dues will be going up $10 next year. The membrship voted in 2014 to
raise it by $10 a year for five years instead of raising it $50 immediately.

Emphasized the need for membership cards.
(Seymour - should be done by December)

There is a need for a new banner for the Lehigh Valley Chapter
to use at conventions; Jim will follow up and get prices.

There are numerous other cities looking to start chapters.
Support is being developed, and ideas were fielded at N.C. conference,
and changes are being implemented to support chapter creation.

LVC will be co-hosting the national conference in 2017;
asked attendeed to think aboutwhat classes they would like to be offered.
Jim has past conference class lists, and can provide if requested.
Current thoughts are that the conference will be held mid-week (T-W-Th),
most likely in June or July.

Update on Don O'Shall: he was in a motorcycle accident just after
N.C. conference; and suffered major shoulder damage and facial lacerations.
He is recovering and doing well so far.

The Evening presentation guest was Salto, who did an excellent presentation
on card access and smart card technology.

Great Lakes

The recent golf outing (before the dreadful weather began)
was VERY well attended and helped the chapter funds immensely.
The chapter is currently sending out dues notices and membership cards.

Beer City

The chapter is currently sending out dues notices and membership cards.


The chapter sponsored the National Education Conference
in Kansas City in October which was a great event.
The chapter is currently sending out dues notices and
membership cards.

Olde North State

2015 ONSC-ILA Meeting Schedule

The Olde North State Chapter of the Institutional Locksmiths’ Association
lists the following upcoming events

January 24 - Business meeting: Golden Corral, Asheboro, 11 a.m.
(no classes, members welcome).

February 28 - NCLA Trade Show, Hickory, NC (visit the ILA booth)
(classes offered thru NCLA)

March 21 - Meeting and Class, 10:00 A.M.
Duke University Maintenance, 114 S. Buchanan Blvd. ( Durham, NC)
Program: Creating Locksmith Records with EXCEL (3 CEUs)
Instructor: Steve Engen, CJIL (CHS Support Services)
Tools to bring: Laptop with Microsoft EXCEL

April 25 - Meeting and Class, 10:00 A.M.
Campbell University Maintenance 300 Dr. McKoy Rd. (Lillington, NC)
Program: Introduction to Locksmithing I (Basic Pinning)(2 CEUs)
Instructor: Johnny Cook (Guilford Schools)
Materials provided: pins, springs, cores, followers
Tools needed: any other pinning tools, mats that you need

May 16 - Meeting and Class, 10:00 A.M.
IDN Armstrong’s Raleigh Office/Warehouse 7711 Welborn St. (Raleigh, NC)
Program: Awaiting confirmation (2CEUs)

June 27 - Meeting and Class, 10:00 A.M.
Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, Maint. Div.
4897 Lansing Drive (Winston-Salem, NC)
Program: Fire Door Training (2 CEUs)
Instructor: Scott Shipton, ASSA
Tools required: none

July - (No meeting, no classes
– due to opening of schools, universities)

August - No meeting, no classes
– due to opening of schools, universities)

Sept. 19 - Meeting and Class, 10:00 A.M.
Location: Awaiting confirmation
Program: Wireless Entry (2CEUs)
Instructor: Scott Adamczak
Tools required: none

October 24 - Meeting and Class, 10:00 A.M.
Murdoch Developmental Center 1600 East C Street (Butner, NC)
Program: Continuous Hinges – Solutions/Installations (2 CEUs)
Instructor: Harry Leake, Jr. (WS/FC Schools)
Tools required: none

Nov. 14 - Meeting and Class, 10:00 A.M
Location: Awaiting confirmation
Program: Introduction to Locksmithing II (Basic master pinning)(2CEUs)
Instructor: Chip Cutts, CIL (Hardware Distributors)
Tools required: Pinning kit, follower, tweezers, mini screwdriver

In November, ONSC voted that they were financially secure
and felt they no longer needed the national's assistance to survive,
especially because certification is not a factor in their state due
to the licensing of institutional locksmiths. They have great industry
support and see no reason to share the profitability of the classes with
national. The national regrets their decision and considers it likely
to be a mistake, but supports their Amerian right to independence. Many
members have already contacted National stating they joined ILA not the
local chapter and whether or not they join the new association, will
continue their national membership.

December - No meeting, no classes – Holidays)

Delaware Valley

DVC Members' needs are being met by the Lehigh Valley Chapter

NYAIL based ILA Members

The needs of NYAIL Members who joined ILA through the
co-sponsored program are being met by the Lehigh Valley Chapter.

Any questions or comments
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